Shipping Instructions + Info


The Simple Olive

785 Tucker Road, Suite G, #373

Tehachapi, Ca  93561


-Breastmilk needs to be double bagged.  Place your frozen milk in a breastmilk storage bag to protect against leaks and place the bag into a second ziploc bag to catch any milk if there is a leak. If you want to be extra safe TRIPLE bag! Place the triple bagged frozen milk into a  padded envelope or bubble mailer.  (usually costs $5 to ship usps) Feel free to email me the tracking number if you would like

-Any breastmilk works; fresh, old or expired.

-Please do not send over night or certified mail requiring a signature.

-Important! Inside your package please put your name and order number. (Instagram name too if you would like)

-Do not send your last drop of milk, just incase your package gets lost in the mail. 

-You are responsible for the shipping cost of your package (always free domestic shipping when I send your jewelry back to you.)

-I am not responsible for any lost items in the mail. If it is lost you may send it again.


Amount needed-

BREASTMILK-1.5 ounces

ASHES- 1/2 to 1 tsp ashes (I will mail left overs back)

FLOWERS- 2-4 flower pedals (I will mail left overs back)

UMBILICAL CORD- entire umbilical cord (I will mail left overs back)

breastmilk- If sent any left over it will get thrown away, not sent back to you ( I do keep extra breastmilk powder for your next order)

ashes, flowers + umbilical cord stump-if there is any left over I will sent them back to you with your jewelry

-If you do not see your order number in the pending in the orders tab that it was received within a week or so please contact me with your tracking number so that way I can help you locate it.   

 -If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Santa Clarita Valley+ Tehachapi residents-

SCV residents-I will have 1 pick up/drop off day and location a month in Santa Clarita Valley (if you would rather not ship it, message me for date) 

Tehachapi residents can drop off at my house (email for address)


-Currently around 8-9 weeks from when we receive your package. 

**We would love for you to email us ( a review after you receive your jewelry. Thank you xoxo


I special order your piece of jewelry with my jeweler with in 24 hours of you placing your order so your jewelry arrives around the same time as your breastmilk/ ashes gets to me. There will be no refunds or changes of color or ring size after 24 hours due to your piece already in the process of being created. 

THANK YOU  and I can't wait to make your special keepsake.